The Vocal Instrument 101

Continuing Education for Voice Teachers

I Am Not:

Your grandmother’s singing teacher. No really. Like, not even close. (Although they can probably play piano better than I can.)

I Am:

A parentheses over-using, hair stylist loyalist, ALL-CAPS LOVING, maple syrup guzzling, cop show devouring, oxford comma endorsing, monochromatic clothes wearing, Angela Bassett fan-girling, self-deprecating Canadian who thinks Tim Hortons coffee is CRAPTASTIC.

I Am Also:

An independent voice teacher who holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Vocal Performance, Specializing in Voice Pedagogy and who just happens to teach voice pedagogy classes at an academic institution or two in Southern Ontario.


I can help you sing (OR TEACH) your face off.

The Vocal Instrument 101

continuing education for voice teachers

because: you can teach your face off

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