Continuing Education for Voice Teachers

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I Am Not:

Your grandmother’s singing teacher.

I’m not even YOUR singing teacher

I Am:

Your teacher’s teacher.  And if you’re a teacher? Maybe I AM YOUR SINGING TEACHERIn that #voiceped kinda’ way.  

I hold a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Vocal Performance, Specializing in Voice Pedagogy. BUT DON’T HOLD THAT AGAINST ME; what I really do is develop and teach voice pedagogy courses, classes, and workshops especially for independent voice teachers (‘cuz they’re my fav). 

I Am Also:

A parentheses over-using, hair stylist loyalist, ALL-CAPS LOVING, maple syrup guzzling, cop show devouring, oxford comma endorsing, monochromatic clothes wearing, Angela Bassett fan-girling, self-deprecating Canadian who thinks Tim Hortons coffee is CRAPTASTIC. (yeah. they might just kick me out of the country for that last one.)


I deliver online and in-person resources so that no matter how long you’ve been teaching, you can #teachyourfaceoff even harder than you already do. Double And? You can do that without rearranging your entire life and business to go back to “school”. #pinkyswear



You can teach your face off. I can help.

NEURODIVERSITY IN THE VOICE STUDIOHelping you connect with every singer in your studio.

LIVE, 90 minute interactive class, delivered via Zoom

It’s about the repercussions for both teachers and students when neurodiversity is unrecognized in the voice studio

It’s about the deep privilege we have, as independent voice teachers, to tailor our lessons to the unique neurology of every singer who walks through our studio door.

And, it’s about finding even more beautiful ways to serve our students in their musical and life journeys.