hydration habit (daily blog – day 5)

hydration habit (daily blog – day 5)

If you want to instantly make a singer (or singing teacher) feel guilty, just ask them how much water they drink on the daily.

We all know the health benefits of hydrating. We all know that our bodies require hydration in order to function well. We all know that the vocal folds have a mucous membrane that needs to stay slippery in order to be able to oscillate efficiently and healthily to create sound, and that the best way to keep that mucous membrane slippery is to stay well-hydrated. (Okay, maybe we didn’t ALL know that last one.)

And, from my experience, nearly every single one of us has hydration guilt* from not drinking as much water as the should-monster** tells us we need to.

One thing you can do to start to slay that should-monster? Is drink 500 mls (approx 2 cups for those folks who are still using that super-antiquated system of measurement known as IMPERIAL. ahem.) of water before ingesting anything else in the morning. Yes. EVEN BEFORE COFFEE.

Try it out for thirty days. See if it helps you #singyourfaceoff even more than you already are …





*yeah … I made that one up #yourewelcome

** yeah … I made that one up too. #doublewelcome

ps Lyn-Genet Recitas uses a cool / easy-to-remember formula to figure out how much daily water intake is right for every body: divide body weight in pounds (yeah, pounds *eye roll*) by two and that’s how many ounces of water that body will likely be happy to have in a day. (So, a body that is 200 pounds will likely want to drink 100 ounces (or three litres) of water per day. #easypeasyright?)

friday fav five – 18|08|10

friday fav five – 18|08|10

the Saturday edition. because: vacation.

Yeah. I’ve been on vacation and technically? I STILL AM. But you know what? There are SO MANY teach your face off things on The Internets right now (possibly because a lot of voice teachers aren’t teaching as much as they usually do at the moment?) that I just have to share a few.

1. favourite YouTube clip PLUS explanatory blog post: Matt Edwards talks us through What Broadway Singers Sound Like “Off-Mic”

I had forgotten all about this clip until Marnie posted it to her studio FB page. Not only is it REVELATORY for young singers to hear/see the difference production makes, but Matt spells “mic” correctly. (I mean, OF COURSE HE DOES. But STILL.)

cat singing off-mic ... or yawning

this is me off-mic, human. and i’m awesome at it. of course.


2. favourite mailing list: John Henny’s Amazing Email List

I know, I KNOW. NOT ANOTHER MAILING LIST. But, seriously: it’s way easier for me to just be all: JOIN THIS MAILING LIST than to be linking to his posts every gosh-darned day. (And yes:  It’s all about what’s EASIEST FOR ME.) John’s musings are kind of like Seth Godin’s* musings except for singing and voice-teachery-stuff. Which: AWESOME-SAUCE. (Also? He’s funny on that there old email thinggie. which: never a bad thing. #yourewelcome)

disdainful cat who may or may not be eating grass ...

really. REALLY? gah.


3. favourite FB video: What If English Were Phonetically Consistent? by The Language Nerds

If you’re kind of nerdy about language (and a lot of singing teachers seem to be …?), you’re going to get a kick out of this one. #truestory

dear great gouda in the sky but is english exhausting.

4. favourite podcast episode: Social Media for Private Teachers – Interview with Karen Michaels, by The Full Voice

Folks. If you’re feeling a little (or a lot – no judgement here) overwhelmed by the thought of how to do justice to your studio / business / side-hustle / sheer awesomeness on social media? THIS IS THE PODCAST FOR YOU. Unless you don’t want immediately applicable tips and tricks to make negotiating social media easier. You know, unless that.

but why wouldn’t they want this information? WHHHY?


5. favourite ted talk: The power of believing that you can improve, with Carol Dweck 

GROWTH MINDSET, my friends. Fostering growth mindset in our students will radically change the way they learn. Or at least it has the potential to do so. #TRUESTORY

that is a very big promise you’re making, human. YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THE REPERCUSSIONS OF THAT PROMISE?!


Pretty sure I’m up for it, white cat who is full of disdain.

Also? You can teach your face off … I can help.

Go on and find #voicepedme on all the things:

* ummm … if you’re not on Seth Godin’s mailing list, maybe get on that one too … it’s my fav non-singing-related but TOTALLY LIFE- AND BUSINESS-RELATED thinggie.

ps y’all know that my course, The Vocal Instrument 101, is on PRESALE ($200 off. YES: $200 OFF. That is NOT a type-o.) now, right? mmmkay. Just checking.

pps if you want to figure out how to run your business without hating your boss (hello independent voice teachers: I AM LOOKING YOUR WAY.)? You’re going to want to check out Michelle’s course. YES YOU ARE. #pinkyswear

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