daily office hours

For the foreseeable future, I am holding daily office hours – you can come and hangout with me in my Zoom Room and talk about any old thing you want! Especially if it’s #voiceped-related.

Discussions so far have included:


  • How To Zoom 101
  • Acuity 101
  • Teaching Through Quarantine 101
  • MyMusicStaff 101
  • Sharing Through Google Docs 101
  • Canva 101
  • Male Voice 101
  • Mixing 101
  • Belting 101

 For the price of a fancy-dancy coffee [which: CHANCES ARE HIGH YOU’RE NOT GONNA’ BUY ANYWAY] we can hang out!

Register for the date (or dateS – I’m happy to hang out ALL THE TIME, if you want!) that works best for you and I’ll see you in my zoom room!