Fri Fav Five – 28|02|20

Here's a weensie list of cross-training and belt-a-licious resources you can access to help you teach your face off even harder than you already do.

Written By Shannon Coates

On February 28, 2020

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the cross-training in the voice studio edition

(aka: the belting gets a bad rap but it’s actually super-fine and you’re gonna’ be okay teaching it* edition.)

As you may or may not know (I’m not sure how you could have missed it, though, because: ALLL OVER THE SOCIALS …), I just guested** on a voicelessons.com FB Live Q&A session*** with Mike Elson and Matt Edwards**** where we were talkin’ CROSS TRAINING in the voice studio. And folx were asking about resources so, being the helpful person THAT I AM, I thought I would put together a short list (because I’m not SO helpful that I’m going to create an EXHAUSTIVE LIST, y’all) of resources you can access that talk about cross-training and/or teaching belting in the voice studio and how to do it.

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1. If you like getting your info by reading good, old-fashioned books? Go on and invest in these ones:

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2. If you prefer to get your info delivered straight to your ears? Here are some fantastic podcasts to check out (note: I’ve conveniently linked to a search for “belt” episodes. #yourewelcome):

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3. If you like going to YouTube University for your info? Click SUBSCRIBE on these channels (note: I have ONCE AGAIN conveniently linked to a search for “belt” episodes. #iamnothingifnotgenerous):

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4. If you prefer your information be delivered straight to your inbox? SUBSCRIBE to these fabulous blogs (note: FOR THE THIRD TIME, I have linked to a search for “belt” ALL FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. #dontsayinevergaveyouanything.):

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5. If you’re in to getting your information from The Socials?******* Go on over and Follow or Like these influencers who are throwing down content on the regular:

And now? I bid you adieu because this blog post has ENTIRELY TOO MANY ASTERISKS FOR ITS OWN GOOD.

#teachyourfaceoff, friends,

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* You know, if you WANT to teach it.

** this is one of those words that does not seem like a word but that ACTUALLY IS A WORD. #wordsaresoweird

*** OH. And if you listened to the interview and you were getting a little sick and tired of me talking about The Vocal Instrument 101? Here’s a code you can use to purchase the course and save $150 when you do so: voicelessons.com . It’s my way of saying, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ALL OF THAT.

****Which: JUST NOTICED NOW THAT THEY ARE BOTH M.E. PEOPLE. Which: probably not as exciting as it seems. WHICH: absolutely NOT as exciting as it seems. ahem. #carryon

***** if you want a giggle, go on over to John’s ‘Voice Teacher Reacts’ channel on YouTube and look at the comments. friends, some of the comments are SAVAGE. and John takes it all in good stride … and even gets his own back every once in a while.

****** fair warning: I WILL BE GUESTING MY FACE OFF with Dr Dan this weekend. click HERE to subscribe!

******* which: in this case really just means FACEBOOK … but most of us are on multiple platforms so you can go ahead and find them all … sort of like a Pokemon search except instead of collecting wee creatures, you get to collect friends and followers. ahem.

******* YES. THIS IS MY PAGE. #yourewelcome 😉

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