The Untouchable

Every singer brings a little untouchable sumthin-sumthin with them to the studio; that *one thing* that is deeply precious and integral to their sense of self and that singing teachers learn to negotiate around in initial sessions …

In some singers, The Untouchable may be the idea of their own tonal beauty. In others, it may be their beliefs around their musicianship skills. In others, the idea of having a large voice or being a certain voice type. And in others, it may be their need to be an excellent performer.

And no matter what The Untouchable happens to be, the most exhausting students to work with are the ones who are unwilling (or unable) to allow access to The Untouchable. For example, if tonal beauty is The Untouchable, any work that might disrupt a singer’s perception of their tonal beauty will not be tolerated, even if that work is going to ultimately result in greater tonal beauty. Exhaustion (the precursor to resentment) sets in when, despite our best efforts, we find ourselves eternally negotiating around The Untouchable.

Conversely, the most rewarding students to work with are those who are willing (or able) to stop negotiating and allow access to The Untouchable.


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