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I'll be a wee less engaged on the socials until 14|09 and here's why.

Written By Shannon Coates

On August 23, 2020

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I’m gonna’ be a teeny bit less responsive and engaged on all the socials over the next three weeks because, well:

My kids are going back to school (online) and no one really knows what that’s going to look like or how that’s going to affect my ability to do all the things so … we’re preparing as best we can AND I’m building in some extra time RIGHT NOW to make sure that it’s there when I need it.

As I have mentioned before, I’m getting a brand-new website (THANK YOU KEITH!) and it requires a LOT of decisions and WORDS and I’m a little (okay, a LOT) behind in the giving of the words and the making of the decisions and if I don’t want this thing to drag on until 2021? I NEED TO PUT IN SOME SERIOUS THINKY-THINK TIME RIGHT NOW.

I’m doing this little (HA!) two-day thing called, Formant-Free Pedagogy and I am IN LOVE with how AWESOME it’s going to be and how TRANSFORMATIONAL (wait. is that a word? the squiggly red line underneath it says someone, somewhere thinks it’s not a word. AND YET? I AM GOING TO USE IT ANYWAY. #rebel) it will be for the voice teachery types who are participating in it. GUESS WHAT? I want the WorkBook and Presentations and Exercises and COLOUR THE ANATOMY PICTURES to be WICKED WICKED COOL (and awesome and transformational … but I’ve already used those words (well, one word and one not-word, apparently) so I’m just going to go with WICKEDx2+COOL) and I need TIME to get that done.

Oh. And the syllabus for the undergrad voice pedagogy course I teach at UofT? Is looking soooo gooood (GAH! COVID is actually helping me make this course EVEN BETTER THAN IT WAS BEFORE.) but, you know, I NEED TIME TO FINISH IT SO IT LIVES UP TO ITS PROMISE, you know?

ALL THAT TO SAY: don’t be alarmed; I’ll still be around (and newsletters (which, by the way: best way to stay in touch. so if you’re not on my mailing list yet, you may want to do that asap. #nopressure #justsayin) will still go out on the regular), I’m just planning to not be around *quite* as much as usual.

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  1. Elizabeth

    You are the best. I love that you are managing ALL THE EXPECTATIONS with this blog post.

    • Shannon Coates

      GAH! Did I actually stay off of the Socials? NOT REALLY.
      But at least when I didn’t respond to emails quite as quickly as normal, people knew why …?