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YOU ARE A VOICE TEACHER WHO WANTS SOME CLARIFICATION AROUND A SPECIFIC VOICE PED TOPIC (which: upcoming POPUP Voice Ped Classes are listed over there on the right) 

And you don’t have time to read every new voice ped text that’s come out in the last decade and look up every last paper citation while making beautiful notes in the margins of said texts for reference, for posting to social media forums to look super-smart, and for later review (because; ummm … if you don’t have time to read the danged texts in the first place what are the chances you have time to review them? #prettyslimjim).

In fact, you want the #teachyourfaceoff information RIGHT NOW so you can go back to #teachingyourfaceoff, #thankyouverymuch.




The POPUP Voice Ped Class today was really great for me.

Suuuuper informative.

Some review, some new ways of looking at things, lots of new ways of explaining and understanding things.

And I learned a lot from some of my colleagues in attendance.

Thank you for your time, great energy, expert knowledge, and pure joy. I really appreciate all that you do and all that you offer!

ALISON T - 30 | 03 | 20

Upcoming POPUP Voice Ped Classes

Neurodivergent Voice

Wed, 8th September  @ 10AM ET 

No one wins when neurodivergent folks are required to perform and behave to the expectations of a society built on neurotypical standards of performance and behaviour.

If you’re teaching voice, I can pretty-much guarantee that you’re working with at least one neurodivergent singer who you’re assigning negative behaviour traits to because you don’t yet have an appreciation for how the neurodivergent brain works.

In this class, we’ll talk about how the neurodivergent brain works and how our expectations around performance and behaviour can change the entire culture of our voice studios so that everyone, no matter how their brain happens to work, can learn more deeply and with greater joy. 

Contemporary Voice

Wed, 24th Nov @ 10AM ET 

Anatomy & Physiology of the contemporary voice (especially in contrast to the classical voice) + strategies & techniques for working with the contemporary voice & cross-training in the independent voice studio.

Because, despite what your university voice teacher may have told you, western classical technique isn’t actually the best foundation for every style.

(and, just for fun? here’s a little contemporary vs classical voice cheat sheet you can download)


POPUP Voice Ped Classes


  • $97 investment (that’s CANADIAN DOLLARS, yo’ (which: at the time of this writing? Worth approx 80% of an American Dollar and roughly 55% of a British Pound so … GOOD DEAL for peeps with those currencies, #amiright?))
  • 90-minute voice ped TED-ish talk on specific topics related to teaching voice 
  • ALL the IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE information I can jam into one session
  • access to the raw recording for 21 days following the class (this is only available to folks who purchase in advance and is not available to purchase following the class)
  • wicked-cool infographics to share with your friends (probably)
  • allll virtual (over zoom) so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home/office/studio to participate