The Vocal Instrument 101 Follow Up & Fanciness




The Vocal Instrument 101 Four Weeks of Follow Up & Fanciness Course is, well, kind of exactly what it sounds like in its title.

But here are the details JUST IN CASE that isn’t enough info for you to make an informed decision:

  1. This is a four-week group class that is ONLY for voice teachers who have done The Vocal Instrument 101 course (online or live) 
  2. There are only 10 spots available (so, small group for higher interaction possibilities)
  3. Cost is $497 USD
  4. Runs from Mon, Mon, 25th Jan to Fri, 19th Feb inclusive
  5. Three platforms: FaceBook Private Group + Marco Polo (free video sharing app) + Zoom



  1. Unlimited group Marco Polo interaction (ie you ask questions or reflect on information or try out exercises) and get responses and feedback from me and the group 
  2. Monday mornings: FB Live (you can join me live or watch the replay) with an exercise / idea / tool to try in the studio for the week – questions & feedback welcome AND you can send  Marco Polo videos of you or your students using the exercise 
  3. Wednesday mornings: FB Live (you can join me live or watch the replay) with a short discussion of a topic of interest (reasons for tuning issues, when to send someone to an ENT, etc.) – questions & feedback welcome either on FB or through Marco Polo
  4. Friday mornings: 90 minute Zoom with both discussion based on what’s happened in the studio the previous week, how the exercises worked, etc. and the opportunity to show teaching videos and try out application of concepts under discussion 


TO BE CLEAR, you’re about to invest in four weeks of some pretty cool hands-on The Vocal Instrument 101 FOLLOWUP & FANCINESS from Monday, 25th January to Friday, 19th Feb INCLUSIVE.

(and I hope you love it)


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