The Vocal Instrument 101


The Vocal Instrument 101 delivers Phonation, Respiration, Resonance, and Registration ONE-OH-ONE in short, easily digestible, immediately applicable, and humourous (because: anatomy and physiology can be fun: #pinkyswear!) chunks that you can watch at your leisure (or at your work; that’s entirely up to you and I’m not judging so …)! If you’re an independent voice teacher who wants to teach your face off EVEN HARDER THAN YOU ALREADY DO?! This is the course for you.

And just in case you’re not sure? Here’s a COURSE OUTLINE you can peruse to get even more sure. #yourewelcome

OH. And here’s a fabulous interview I did with my friend Nikki Loney over at The Full Voice in which we discuss ALL THINGS COURSE-RELATED.

*note: all prices in USD


A few years back, after having taught at a music school and running my own voice studio, I went ahead and got a doctorate in voice pedagogy from the University of Toronto. Now, in addition to being an independent voice teacher, I teach undergraduate voice pedagogy courses at two universities in Ontario, Canada.  The Vocal Instrument 101 is a distillation of the information I wish I could download (Matrix-style!) to my own voice students, to my voice pedagogy students, and to my voice teaching colleagues who didn’t have a chance to go get a doctorate in voice pedagogy (because: WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!).

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