Voice Ped Power Up Tickets


voice ped power up on 1st november in michigan




JOIN ME, Shannon Coates, for a two-hour teaching-focused masterclass* followed by a one-hour round table discussion that will PUMP UP YOUR VOICE PED.

*What’s a teaching-focused masterclass?

I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED! It’s like a *regular* masterclass, except teachers get to DO THEIR THANG with a singer and instead of the singer getting feedback on their singing from the fancy master class technician, THE TEACHER gets feedback on their teaching. (cool, right?)

Participation in the teaching-focused masterclass coolness gets you:

… practical tools to maximize in-studio communication
… innovative teaching techniques
… fresh perspective on how language and intention frames pedagogy and your students’ experience


VOICE TEACHER OF COOLNESS, you can get in on this masterclass action directly by registering to teach a 20-minute lesson.

VOICE TEACHER OF COOLNESS WHO IS NOT QUITE READY FOR THE HOT SEAT (see what I did there with the temperatures? #yourewelcomeforthat), you can still pump up your pedagogy by registering as an attendee — you’ll get to observe the SUPER COOLNESS as it goes down AND get to say and hear allll the things in the round table discussion at the end!


In the teaching-focused masterclass of coolness:
I [cough dr cough] Shannon Coates, will observe 4-6 teachers as they each teach a lesson to a beginner-to-intermediate voice student. During each 20 minute lesson, teachers will get in-the-moment feedback, tools, and techniques for developing clearer vocabulary, intentions, and processes in their teaching. It’s that simple. AND THAT WICKED COOL.

And in the round table rodeo that follows the teaching-focused masterclass of coolness:
I will throw down a recap of the ideas and techniques discussed in the masterclass and throw down a guided discussion on how to tailor this information to accomplish your unique teaching goals. It will be a RODEO OF OPPORTUNITY to brainstorm and bounce ideas around with ME and with COOL COLLEAGUES so you can develop and implement your own systems for in-studio self-assessment and effectively apply the SUPER COOL CONCEPTS and STRATEGIES learned throughout the evening.

You are the IDEAL PARTICIPANT for this event if you’re DONE WITH STUDIO STATUS QUO and you seek to foster a safer learning environment, to clarify and streamline your teaching language, and to embrace the MAGIC OF SILENCE (bet you didn’t think I was going there, right?) and observation to enable better learning and more informed artistry in your students.

It’s time to POWER UP YOUR PEDAGOGY, friend. You can do it.



VOICE TEACHER OF COOLNESS (ie teaching& round table participant) $100

VOICE TEACHER OF COOLNESS WHO IS NOT QUITE READY FOR THE HOT SEAT (ie observer / participant in round table) $75

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