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friday fav five – 18|08|10

friday fav five – 18|07|06

The “My Kid and His Friends Are Playing D&D VERY LOUDLY at My Kitchen Table So Things Might Get a Little Weird” Edition* 1. favourite podcast episode: Vocal Exercise Masterclass (LIVE FROM VEGAS) with Shannon Coates (WHAT?!), Dana Lentini, and Brian D....
friday fav five – 18|08|10

friday fav five – 18|3|23

Friends, There were a LOT of amazing voice teachery things on The Internets this week; it was haaaarrrrd to pick just five (waaaaahhhh). BUT IT DID THAT JUST FOR YOU. BECAUSE I AM KIND AND FULL OF LOVE FOR YOU. yes. that. 1. favourite blog post: How to Teach Someone...

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