friday fav five – 18|07|06

friday fav five – 18|07|06

The “My Kid and His Friends Are Playing D&D VERY LOUDLY at My Kitchen Table So Things Might Get a Little Weird” Edition* 1. favourite podcast episode: Vocal Exercise Masterclass (LIVE FROM VEGAS) with Shannon Coates (WHAT?!), Dana Lentini, and Brian D....
friday fav five – 18|07|06

friday fav five – 18|04|27

You guys. April is trying to kill me.* So, in celebration of APRIL BEING ALMOST OVER, here is the final Friday Fav Five of April: the #freebieftw edition.  Because? There are VOICE TEACHER SMARTIE PANTSES offering FREEBIES ALL OVER THE INTERNETS. And if you want to...
NEURODIVERSITY IN THE VOICE STUDIOHelping you connect with every singer in your studio.

LIVE, 90 minute interactive class, delivered via Zoom

It’s about the repercussions for both teachers and students when neurodiversity is unrecognized in the voice studio

It’s about the deep privilege we have, as independent voice teachers, to tailor our lessons to the unique neurology of every singer who walks through our studio door.

And, it’s about finding even more beautiful ways to serve our students in their musical and life journeys.