Teach Your Face Off

Talk to me, Teachery Friends: What do you want to do?

Up your teaching game?

Understand mix better? (yeah … good luck with that. #JUSTKIDDING – I CAN HELP YOU UNDERSTAND WHATEVER MIX IS)

Add to your toolbox? (Or, you know, get one in the first place.)

Figure out how to belt? (because you’re already teaching it and some of your students can do it about a million times better than you can and WHY CAN YOU TEACH IT BUT CAN’T DO IT?)

Get help as you come out of the Teacher of Young Children Shame Closet? (Yeah. I said it. YOU COME ON OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW.. (Also, if you haven’t already, go on over to The Full Voice. Go on. I’ll wait. GO! … See what I mean? Whole lot of awesome sauce over there to help you teach young singers even better than you already do, #amiright?))

Crack the code on how to make a GADZILLION DOLLARS teaching? (Yeah. I can’t help you with that. Go on over and talk to my friend Michelle. Tell her I sent you.)

Finally remember the tricksy names for the intrinsic muscles of the larynx? (Tee hee – I may or may not have thrown that one in there just for kicks because: remembering the names of the muscles does not make you a better teacher (shhhh … don’t tell my voice pedagogy students #ourlittlesecret). Knowing how the muscles work? THAT’S A WHOLE OTHER THING. (And, not entirely coincidentally? Something I can help with.))

You’ve got singing teachery things you want to do better. And working with singing teachers to help them discover the tools they need to do those things better IS MY JAM.

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