The Vocal Instrument 101 turns 1!


And to celebrate?

I’m offering a one-time rate of $523 for the entire month of December 2019.

What the WHAAAAT?!?!?

The Vocal Instrument 101 is celebrating its ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

This course that sat in my head and heart for sooooo very long is finally out and about in the world … walking, babbling, and eating solid foods (and hopefully sleeping through the night. Ahem)!

And this is what I’m doing to celebrate:

I’m offering The Vocal Instrument 101 at a one-time rate of $523 for the entire month of December 2019.


That’s a 25% savings from the original price of $698, because: PAR-TAY. But also because:  I am so very serious about getting great voice ped into the hands (and studios!) of as many teachers as possible. 

SO, whether you’ve hit the continuing ed hard this year or you haven’t perused a ped text since undergrad, The Vocal Instrument 101 is gonna’ help you fill in knowledge gaps WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY catapulting you into a more contemporary understanding of the voice.

AND, given that the savings are happening in December, The Vocal Instrument 101 is also the perfect gift for that special voice ped nerd in your life (WHICH: YOU! IT’S YOU! (#justsayin)).



No more awkward nodding and smiling at voice ped parties (what? they’re a thing! #notreallytho.) when all the fancy words get thrown around.


No more filtering contemporary sounds through a classical lens (because, if you were classically-trained, or trained by someone who was classically-trained, you’ve got a big ol’ classical lens goin’ on. #pinkyswear).


No more hearing “that sound” in the studio and not knowing how to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many modules (or sections) are there in the course?

The course has eight modules:

  1. Sound 101
  2. The Power Source 101
  3. Respiration 101 (which has three parts)
  4. The Resonator 101 (which has two parts)
  5. Resonance 101 (which has two parts)
  6. The Vibrator 101
  7. Phonation 101
How long are the modules and how long is the course in total?

Each module is between 17 and 32 minutes long. Any modules for which the content could not be delivered in under 35 minutes was segmented into smaller parts that are each not longer than 22 minutes. If you were to binge-watch the course, you’d be signing up for about four hours of voice ped goodness. Buuuut … then your brain might explode. #youvebeenwarned

Is there an accompanying workbook?

 At this time, there are downloadable “cheat sheets” created by yours truly, as well as links to recommended resources … but no workbook. YET.

Can I re-watch the course a year or two down the road or am I limited to a one-time session?

 The course is hosted on a platform that you sign in to so as long as you still have your sign in information and I am still alive? You will be able to access the course. (I mean, obviously my lawyer wants me to say that I reserve the right to make exceptions to this at my leisure but you get the point, right? You absolutely can access it over and over again and you are absolutely NOT limited to a one-time viewing.)

You can teach your ever-loving face off. I can help.