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Voice Ped Power Ups

Voice Ped Power Ups are interactive voice ped sessions centered around one topic OR around teaching, as a whole. In general, if we’re meeting for an IN PERSON VOICE PED POWER UP, we’re likely getting down and dirty about how to teach. We might even be doing a teaching MASTER CLASS where we team teach and I work with you to recognize and build on all of your TEACHERY AWESOMENESS. In general, if we’re meeting for a VIRTUAL VOICE PED POWER UP? We’re gonna’ do a live, interactive teaching class on line. YEAH WE ARE.

Either way? You’re going to get PUMPED to teach your face off even harder than you already do.


VVPPU Signups

Monday, 30th March at 12PM ET

Breakdown of Belting, Mixing, and ALL THAT JAZZ The INAUGURAL (gosh but that’s a fancy word) Virtual Voice Ped Power Up.



90-minute, online, interactive class (yep; YOU CAN ASK ME ALL THE THINGS! I want to be sure you get the info you need!) with pictures and diagrams and maybe even a HANDOUT (I know, right? #SOFANCY) that you can watch (and, DID I MENTION? Interact with) LIVE!


These things happen on the final Monday of the month (which months? I DON’T KNOW YET. I am nothing if not predictable in my unpredictability. #yourewelcomeforthat) at 12:00 ET (yeah. If you’re in my time zone, you can bring your lunch. Who am I kidding? I don’t care what time zone you’re in; you feel free to bring a snack.) in my Zoom Room (AKA online – and if you’re not techy? Don’t even worry about it: I’ll send you a link that will get you in to my Zoom Room #lickitysplit and all you have to worry about is lookin’ good. (And maybe preparing that delicious snack you’re bringing with you.). #igotchu.)


This is an excellent question and I’m glad you asked it. Here’s the thing: I will be recording the Virtual Voice Ped Power Ups, editing them so that they make sense and are not boring (because: let’s face it, sometimes watching a live event on replay is, well, not very exciting), maybe adding a downloadable pdf thinggie (or maybe not. I MAKE NO PROMISES WHERE HANDOUTS ARE CONCERNED.) or two, and then making that sucker available on my website so you can watch it FOREVER (I’m sure my lawyer, if I had one, would not like me to PROMISE you can watch it FOREVER so let’s just pretend that I said “FOR AS LONG AS I SAY YOU CAN”, mmmkay?). And if you sign up for the event IN ADVANCE of the actual event? You get a break on the price (and, you know, the possibility to attend the LIVE event).


Because I’m over here (or UP here, depending on where YOU are, I suppose) in Canada where the health care is publicly funded and the beavers are revered (sort of), you get to pay for the Virtual Voice Ped Power Up in CANADIAN DOLLARS if you purchase in advance of the actual event. (Which: at the time of this writing? Worth 75% of an American Dollar and roughly 55% of a British Pound. So, you know, GOOD DEAL for folx with currencies that are worth more than the Canadian Dollar.) 

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